15 January 202116:33

Returning the Icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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We have noted media excitement about the issue of ownership of the icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker that was presented to Sergey Lavrov by Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik during Mr Lavrov’s visit to Sarajevo on December 14-15, 2020.

Despite the fact that the Russian party returned the icon through diplomatic channels in order to clarify its provenance, Bosnian and Herzegovinian media and the media of some other countries continue to disseminate unsubstantiated speculation about the fate of the icon that casts aspersions on Russia. By spreading insinuations based only on the conjecture of their creators, the agenda-driven mass media are manipulating this story to settle political accounts within Bosnia and Herzegovina and to discredit our country in the eyes of their audience.

No proof that the previous owner illegally acquired the icon has been provided. Nevertheless, this episode has already become an object of cynical manipulation and foul play in the media arena. Rather than waiting for the official conclusion of competent agencies (the case was transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina), unscrupulous journalists create their own stories and pass them off as trustworthy information.

Unfortunately, we again note that some media, following the West’s beloved hobby of searching for Kremlin’s involvement in everything, are ready to use any, even the most inappropriate, pretext to whip up anti-Russia propaganda.







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