13 December 201916:22

Media allegations regarding death of White Helmets founder

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In November, a number of leading Anglo-Saxon media published items on the death of James Le Mesurier, a co-founder of the pseudo-humanitarian organisation, the White Helmets. The keynote of these publications is that Russia stands to gain the most from his death. However, some analysts have defied the Anglo-Saxon mainstream media, arguing that Western security services could be responsible for Le Mesurier’s death.

Over a period of several years, Russia has been urging the international community to take a closer look at the White Helmets’ ties with terrorist organisations in Syria and at the criminal activities of some of its members.

Senior Russian diplomats have made use of international platforms, including the UN, to alert the world to the danger of the White Helmets. In the spring of 2018, a unique media streaming attended by direct participants in the “relief operations” that had been staged and filmed by the White Helmets was organised at the OPCW Headquarters in The Hague. These ordinary Syrians actually risked their life and safety to testify against the White Helmets and to share their stark experiences of “interacting” with that notorious organisation. However, the leading Western media chose to ignore that briefing or to denounce it as lies.

Several NGOs are investigating the White Helmets. One of the best is the Foundation for the Study of Democracy led by Maxim Grigoriev. An incriminating file exposing fake chemical attacks, looting, plunder, trade in human organs, support of terrorism and other “activities” of the White Helmets in Syria is available on the foundation’s website http://democracyfund.ru/publicism.php?id=383.

In light of the recent events, we would like to make it perfectly clear that Russia, as well as the Syrian Government, wanted more than any other country for James Le Mesurier to remain in good health as long as possible, so that he would be able to reveal the truth about the White Helmets. He could provide irrefutable proof exposing the White Helmets’ provocations. But this definitely did not suit the group’s sponsors. James Le Mesurier, a write-off who knew too much about the White Helmets, has been taken off the scene.

The Western media’s attempts to put the blame in the case of James Le Mesurier on Russia look like yet another political contract from those who continue to collaborate with the terrorists and to divide them into “good guys and bad guys.” But the history of al-Qaeda shows that such intrigues do not end well and that they eventually backfire on the inspirer.






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