29 November 201918:23

Apropos of a series of anti-Russian publications in El Pais, Spain

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On November 21, the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, published a series of articles that give a shot in the arm to the half-forgotten theme of Russian meddling in Spain’s internal affairs in connection with the Catalan events.

Apart from allegations about the complicity of the Russian secret services in the so-called “sovereignisation process” in Catalonia, they repeat speculations about Russia’s attempts to weaken the EU by way of an intentional dissemination of disinformation and fakes in Europe. It is also claimed that Spain has supposedly refused to cooperate with Russia in the field of cybersecurity.  

We would like to note that these claims were refuted by acting Foreign Minister of Spain Josep Borrell in his remarks to the press in Madrid on November 21. He called these allegations “sheer lies” and a “figment of hectic imagination.” We fully share his assessment. Moreover, we regard the El Pais publications as an attempt to undermine the successfully developing Russian-Spanish cooperation, including in the sphere of cybersecurity and anti-disinformation.




Comment by Russian Ambassador to Spain Yury Korchagin:



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