1 November 201916:16

Fake RT report in Serbian social media

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On October 20, 2019, a video clip presented as an RT report was shown in the Serbian social media. The authors of the captions in Serbian accused Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister of Serbia Nebojsa Stefanovic of covering up his father’s involvement in smuggling weapons directly to ISIS militants (terrorist organisation banned in Russia).

The technique of producing this fake is very primitive: the photo of the Stefanovic family is superimposed on an RT video footage. The background is an RT investigative report (https://www.rt.com/news/468064-us-purchased-arms-terrorists-yemen/) that tells a completely different story. RT lays emphasis on the unseemly role of the United States in arming ISIS terrorists in Yemen. It reveals how the Americans purchase weapons in Serbia and transfer them to ISIS militants in Yemen. The RT report does not mention Serbian politicians at all.

The timing of the fake’s appearance is indicative: it was shown right after the visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Belgrade and ahead of his Serbian counterpart Ana Brnabic’s trip to Moscow.

The initiators of this fake obviously wanted to damage the trust-based atmosphere of dialogue between the Russian and Serbian leaders and undermine Belgrade-Moscow rapprochement. They also tried to settle personal accounts with the Stefanovic family and destabilise the domestic political situation in Serbia.

We are convinced that whoever ordered this media fake failed to achieve their goals. The progressive development of multifaceted Russia-Serbia bilateral cooperation will continue.






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