15 August 201917:19

Publications on Afghanistan’s presidential election of September 28, 2019

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Recently, a number of media outlets have reported that Russia is backing former National Security Advisor to the President of Afghanistan Haneef Atmar as presidential candidate in the election scheduled for September 28 and allegedly has directed about $60 million to his campaign.

The authors and the publications they work for do not bother to present evidence to support their claims, but rely instead entirely on rumour and speculation. And they are open about it in their reporting. The position taken by the journalists is surprising, and their motives are hard to understand, because there is no truth to the claims. We see these articles as an attempt to turn certain political forces in Afghanistan against Russia.

It can be stated with certainty that Russia has not and will not support any candidates in the upcoming presidential election in Afghanistan, as it is a purely domestic affair. However, we are closely following developments in the country and hope that political processes unfolding there will ultimately lead to lasting peace and national accord.



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