15 August 201912:38

Another anti-Russian article in Dutch media

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On August 9, the Dutch daily De Telegraaf published an article titled “Russians” threatening Dutch F-16 pilots’ wives.” Citing “intelligence agencies’ classified data,” the newspaper reports that Russian security services threatened NATO military officers in the Baltic countries. These threats were allegedly made against the families of Dutch F16 fighter pilots stationed in Lithuania in 2017.

The largest Dutch newspaper cites anonymous witnesses who supposedly received calls from people who spoke “with a strong Russian accent” as evidence. The fact that the accent was identified as Russian instead of Slavic or Eastern European can serve as proof that subjective information was deliberately spread to damage Russia’s reputation. In addition, the newspaper cites “credible data of the Dutch military intelligence service MIVD that cannot be disclosed,” so there is no way to determine if it is authentic. We regret to say that once again the lack of evidence has not prevented the publication of a clearly anti-Russian article full of propaganda fakes.

We regard De Telegraaf’s article as a piece of unverified information intentionally planted to discredit Russia. We regard these paranoid statements about “the Russian threat” implanted into the consciousness of the Western public as slanderous and groundless.



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