15 May 201915:05

Anti-Russia attacks in the media of the Central African Republic

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An article titled “Locals in Mbaïki stop short of lynching Russians” appeared in Le Democrate, a newspaper of the Central African Republic, twice, first on April 30 and then on May 2, 2019. The media is spreading misinformation regarding the work of Russian instructors in the country who are, in fact, tasked with training the country’s military. The article also contains far-fetched interpretations of the killing of Russian journalists in the Central African Republic in July 2018, and some of its paragraphs distort the real nature of economic relations between Moscow and Bangui, in particular regarding the extraction of diamonds and other minerals.

We would like to reiterate that Russian instructors in the Central African Republic operate in strict compliance with the intergovernmental agreements, and have been praised by local authorities. Russia and the Central African Republic have been stepping up their economic cooperation in a proactive and mutually beneficial manner.

We strongly believe that the authors of Russophobic articles of this kind are influenced by attitudes imposed from the outside. The article published by Le Democrate distorts facts and spreads fake news. Those behind this publication are clearly seeking to harm bilateral ties between Russia and the Central African Republic and to undermine their positive momentum.

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