27 March 201910:39

False publication in London newspaper Al Arab

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On March 9, 2019, London’s Arabic-language daily Al Arab published an article, Russian Book of Suggestions in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East.

At the beginning of the article, without giving any references, the author took the liberty of employing the generic phrase traditionally used in many commissioned articles and in fake news: “As reported by the Russian sources,” and then gave a prefabricated false statement that Sergey Lavrov allegedly expressed “dismay” over the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to Tehran.

We believe that this provocative false information was planted in the context of an information war launched against the legitimate Syrian authorities by well-known countries, the so-called global coalition, who witnessed the defeat of the militants under their wardship on the ground and who now continue to drive a wedge between the states participating in the multi-format productive cooperation within the framework of the Astana process to ensure the settlement of the Syrian conflict.

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