23 August 201809:18

Article in the Dutch newspaper Trouw on alleged Russian mercenaries abroad

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On August 2, 2018, the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an article by its international news desk head Marno de Boer, saying that journalists risk their lives if they try to dig too deep into Russia’s questionable affairs.

The author says that Russia is playing an unfair foreign policy game in the Middle East as well as on the African continent.

We state that Marno de Boer’s innuendos are groundless. He distorts public information about official Russian military staff and civil instructors abroad; the Foreign Ministry regularly informs the public about them. There is detailed material about Russia’s cooperation with the states mentioned in the article (the Central African Republic, Syria, Sudan, etc), including in foreign languages.

Taking into account the position of the author, it is hard to suspect him of incompetence and a lack of understanding. We believe that the Trouw international news desk head is doing the political and commercial bidding and is involved in nothing else but in producing low-quality fakes.


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