16 July 201812:40

Article in the UK’s The Observer

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The Foreign Ministry took note of a July 8, 2018 article in The Observer, the Sunday newspaper of the Guardian media group, titled “Revealed: Leave.EU campaign met Russian officials as many as 11 times.”

Meetings between Russian diplomats and British businesses, what would otherwise be seen as routine work for a diplomatic mission, became a conspiracy under the pen of British journalists. In the article, the authors tried to count the contacts that Russian diplomats had, making them sound sensational and emphasising some kind of a covert link between the Russian Embassy in London and Leave.EU, an organisation founded by Arron Banks.

This was not the first would-be sensational article by these authors, who are now trying to find a link between the leave campaign financed by Arron Banks and his meetings with Russian diplomats.

The reality, as always, has nothing to do with the fake stories appearing in the British press. Any diplomat routinely communicates with political, economic, cultural and scientific elites in the country of stay. The authors can ask the staff of the UK Embassy in Moscow, who regularly meet with Russian politicians and business people. Moreover, diplomats contact representatives from the ruling party, as well as opposition leaders. Let us emphasise that this is an absolute norm for any professional diplomat.

Let us reiterate that Russia views all interactions related to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU as a domestic affair for Great Britain and something the British will have to take care of by themselves. Attempts to draw Russia or Russian missions abroad into decision-making related to the withdrawal from the EU are totally absurd. We strongly believe that the British people are able to determine their future on their own.


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