6 June 201810:45

The Times article “Irish government denies visas to Russian embassy builders”

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The “Irish government denies visas to Russian embassy builders” published by the British newspaper The Times on May 13 has attracted our attention.

Despite official explanations given by a spokesperson of the Russian Embassy in Dublin, the article insists that the Russian diplomatic mission in Ireland is hiring builders to develop a ramified system of underground bunkers for covert operations. The writer affirms that the planned development will be used by the Russian special services for illegal intelligence activity in Ireland such as espionage or transmission of encrypted data on high technology, security, pharmaceuticals and the banking sector.

Once again, we have caught the British press, namely The Times, lying and attempting to incite anti-Russian hysteria. Paranoid fantasies about the Russian threat shall remain on the conscience of the journalist who submitted the material for publication. We hope to see a retraction published by the editors of The Times.


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