7 March 201819:41

New York Times article ‘Will Russia Meddle in Italy's Election? It May Not Have To’

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We took note of the article “Will Russia Meddle in Italy's Election? It May Not Have To,” which appeared in the US publication The New York Times on March 1.

Long before the start of the election campaign, Russia was accused of interference in the internal affairs of Italy, in particular in its parliamentary elections. On the eve of the vote in Italy, prominent stories have appeared in the Western media explaining "the techniques of Russian interference" and how the Russians allegedly use them in practice, with the parliamentary elections in Italy offered as an example.

The target of the current information attacks on Russia is clear – the people of Italy. The goal was to frighten the Italian people and set them against Russia in order to sway the elections.

Russia, in turn, consistently declares that electoral processes, elections – whether in Italy or any other country – are an inalienable element of democracy, as they represent the free expression of the public will. We invariably emphasise that we will respect the legitimate choice of voters in any country in the world. The same applies to Italy. We look forward to working together with the future Italian government, regardless of its party affiliation. With open minds and respect for the choice of the Italian people, we are ready to promote in every possible way the positive continuity of Russian-Italian relations.




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