9 October 201718:23

Russophobic report on Norway’s TV2

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We took notice of a report on Norway’s TV2 channel, “New spy exposure by the Police Security Service (PST): Russian agents pressure Norwegians into spying on their employers,” that aired on September 28, 2017. Obviously, this is yet another attempt to use Western media to incite hatred of our country, this time in neighbouring Norway.

Deliberate disinformation intended to discredit neighbourly relations between Russia and Norway cannot be considered professional journalism. This report will take its rightful place among the third-rate propaganda in which supposed media outlets have been trying to outdo each other for the past few years. The assurances of a PST representative that there is no intention of launching an anti-Russian campaign in the Norwegian media sound awkward against this background of this hack job.

Citing PST information, TV2 reporters accuse Russian secret services of engaging in unprecedented activities in Norway. They are contributing to the atmosphere of generalised fear by claiming that Russian spies are using both conventional methods and the internet. The Russian threat is described as “persistent and elevated.” Without any grounds, these journalists are accusing Russian intelligence of compelling Norwegians to spy and report on their employers. Individuals with ties to Russia – which includes those once living in Russia or having a Russian spouse – are deemed potential “traitors.” They are supposedly subjected to psychological pressure, with the welfare of their relatives or friends in Russia used for the purposes of blackmail. The goal is to establish control over closed computer networks and steal sensitive data on Norway.

We believe such bogus stories only deepen mistrust and antipathy in Russian-Norwegian relations. We are convinced that our countries have no choice but to live together and be good neighbours. As we have repeatedly emphasised, we are ready to conduct an open, trust-based dialogue on any proven cybercrimes, both on a bilateral and multilateral basis. We demand an end to groundless insinuations against Russia, and urge TV2 to return to professional unbiased journalism in covering Russian issues.


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