11 August 201720:15

Article by US newspaper The Washington Post

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The Foreign Ministry noted yet another questionable piece titled ‘What it’s like to live and report in Russia in the Trump era,’ published by the US newspaper The Washington Post on its website on August 6, 2017.
For instance, The Washington Post correspondent Andrew Roth shared his thoughts on the alleged administrative pressure from the Russian authorities related to his professional activities. Mr Roth mentions that in 2014 he was stopped at an overland border crossing from Ukraine into Russia by the border guards who said that the circumstances of his crossing from Ukraine into Russia were suspicious, suggesting that his accreditation could be revoked. Mr Roth went on to describe a 2016 telephone conversation he had with a Ministry of Defence official who hinted that the journalist’s ability to participate in a press tour to Syria would depend on the tone of his reporting in the The Washington Post following the trip.
All this so-called ‘evidence’ of some kind of administrative pressure is clearly far-fetched. The author does not provide any names or positions of the officials from the Russian agencies who allegedly put pressure on him. Let’s leave such farfetched accusations of this kind on the conscience of this newspaper’s editors.

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