6 July 201720:33

Euronews item covering the situation in Venezuela

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We have taken note of the Euronews report aired on July 6 “Venezuela: Protesters storm National Assembly.” It says that a day earlier President Maduro’s supporters wielding sticks and pipe cutoffs stormed the National Assembly and physically attacked the opposition deputies. As a result, a number of legislators have been wounded, and some of them are in critical condition.

On the very day of the incident, President Maduro officially condemned the attack on the oppositional National Assembly and initiated an investigation. He said: “I launch an investigation to bring justice, I myself will never be an accomplice to violence.”

Apparently, the Euronews journalists opted to ignore the stand voiced by the head of state, and covered the incident from the point of view of only one side, the opposition. The professional media community classifies this as “deliberately biased, lopsided coverage of facts.” It is common knowledge that such tricks lead to a misinterpretation of the events described.

We urge the TV channel to give up its politically motivated approach in covering sensitive issues of domestic policy in other countries and go back to the standards of objective, responsible journalism.


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