9 June 201719:42

Die Welt article ‘Russische Propaganda kinderleicht’ of June 2, 2017

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Die Welt published an article on the German desks of Russia Today, a Russian television network, and Sputnik News Agency. The article’s message was that RT Deutsch and the Sputnik hub in Germany were engaged in “bare-bones pro-Russian state propaganda,” instead of doing journalism. The article went on to suggest that the best solution would be to boycott RT Deutsch and Sputnik’s German website.

In this connection the Foreign Ministry reiterates that RT Deutsch and Sputnik were officially accredited to work in the Federal Republic of Germany and operate in strict compliance with the law. Their work in Germany is absolutely legal and legitimate, and there have been no complaints from the German authorities against them.

The Foreign Ministry would also like to ask Die Welt editorial board a question. Are accusations of professional incompetence appropriate, taking into account Die Welt’s commitment to “support the Transatlantic Alliance and the liberal community in solidarity with the United States of America?”

To add a touch, many Russian Twitter users have noticed intrusive advertising by Deutsche Welle’s Russian desk, saying “Russia surrounded by enemies? Click here. News as they are and without hysteria.” The one and only way this marketing trick can be described is "Deutsche Propaganda kinderleicht.”

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