20 May 201709:14

The Times article ‘Putin’s Propaganda’

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The British daily The Times, which on May 5 published the article “Putin’s Propaganda”, continues to astound us.

Apart from the usual insinuations regarding the alleged interference of the Russian special services in the US and French election campaigns via hacking attacks, the newspaper delivered a dose of antagonism aimed against Russia Today (RT) and the Sputnik news agency. According to The Times, they are a “formidable apparatus of fakery disguised as news.”

We assume the UK media circles are aware of the British media regulator Ofcom’s check of the Russia Today (RT) and the Sputnik news agency’s operation. It is known for a fact that none of the information products issued by these two Russian media outlets fall under the category of fakery. Meanwhile, The Times is regularly caught spreading fake news.

We cannot rule out that the editors of The Times were moved by professional jealousy when they decided to slander Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik.


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