19 May 201711:15

Comment by the Russian Embassy in Macedonia on articles in The Sunday Times of April 30 and May 7, 2017, on Macedonia

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Only recently, many doubted that the active involvement of the British media in any information war could undermine the foundations of traditionally strong British journalism. But now it is clear: the quality of British journalism is irreversibly in decline. Further proof of this is the publication of two articles on Macedonia in The Sunday Times dated April 30 and May 7.

The articles, attributed to Bojan Pancevski, with eye-catching headlines of Russia’s alleged interference in Macedonia’s affairs, are such a concentration of neglected facts, such an unhealthy ambition to present adulterated facts and blatant lies that these nonsensical stories cannot even be called professional journalism. It is a shame that the standards of the British media have stooped so low that even The Sunday Times, one of the oldest newspapers in the UK, is forced to publish such cheap propagandised hoaxes.

To refute all the errors and downright fraud of this ‘Bondiana,’ where the rampant imagination of the author and his ‘sources’ have nothing in common with the facts and reality, would be a hopeless waste of time.

How can you hold a serious discussion with an “expert” who takes on the appearance of a knowledgeable journalist reporting on the situation in Macedonia but is not even aware of the results of the December 2016 pre-term parliamentary elections? What can you talk about with an ‘analyst’ who calls the current Macedonian government “pro-Kremlin” and then, several lines down, claims that “members of the Macedonian government were presented with demands by the Russian ambassador to shift their allegiance to Moscow.” Where is logic or just simple common sense?

There is none, as there are no critical questions of political or other implications for Macedonia of the crude and unlawful interference into its affairs via Western diplomacy. The country has been subjected to brazen pressure, blackmail and threats by Brussels, Washington and London who have declared themselves the “outposts of democracy.”

But what is there in abundance is a commitment by Western capitals and the journalists who serve them to blame Russia for this hotspot of chaos and inter-ethnic tension created by the West in Macedonia and around it.

Again, what this undertaking by the West in the Balkans will lead to is still hard to predict. One thing is clear: The Sunday Times will continue to come up with excuses to expose the Kremlin’s ‘schemes’ and this smoothly running machine will continue to churn out Russophobic hoaxes in London.



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