19 April 201720:53

HVG article titled “Russians in our homes”

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It is not surprising that we took note of an openly anti-Russia article published by the Hungarian weekly online resource HVG on April 13. An article titled “Ruszkik idehaza” (Russians in our homes) claims that “the pro-Russian policy of Viktor Orban government can undermine Hungary’s national sovereignty.”

The authors also blame Russia for the erosion of the EU and for creating conditions where “EU citizens will lose their trust in democracy, Western values and unity with America.”

I agree that all of the above is indeed happening in Europe, but not because of Russia. These changes have been generated by the actions of the European countries themselves, in particular, their security and migration policies.

The article includes paranoid references to the “Russian security services that have penetrated Hungary’s civil and military departments” and “drive around the country in expensive cars and eat at luxury restaurants.”

The authors also throw mud at the Russian media, describing RT as “the Russian government’s propaganda bullhorn affiliated with Russian security agencies.”

These and other pseudo-facts provided in the article have nothing to do with reality.

We hope that this primitive attempt to derail the growing Russian-Hungarian cooperation will not do palpable damage to our bilateral relations.


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