10 April 201716:45

Apropos TOLOnews item about the alleged visit by a Russian military delegation to Taliban training camps

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We regard the April 5 publication of an item titled “Russians Visited ‘Taliban Training Сenters’ In Waziristan” on the official website of the English-language Afghan television channel as yet another lie about Russia.

The author of this item is speculating on the rumour published in the local media following a visit by a Russian military delegation led by the Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff, Colonel General Sergey Istrakov, to Rawalpindi in Pakistan. The Russian military went there for bilateral staff consultations.

These consultations were a major element of bilateral negotiations held to develop Russian-Pakistani interaction against the threat of international terrorist groups.

Regarding the geographical aspect of this visit, we have to say that apart from holding consultations in Rawalpindi, the Russian delegation also visited Miranshah, the capital city of North Waziristan. The visit was made at the invitation of our Pakistani partners within the framework of the presentation of the results of the Pakistani Government’s counterterrorist Operation Zarb-e-Azb (Strike of the Prophet’s Sword). The delegation did not leave the city, let alone go to any Taliban training camps in the neighbouring provinces of Afghanistan. While demonstrating the effectiveness of their counterterrorist operation, our Pakistani colleagues took the Russian military to the Miranshah districts that were liberated from the terrorists. We will let the item’s authors worry about the unsubstantiated claims by witnesses who allegedly saw “the Russian delegation along with the Pakistani military” in Taliban training camps.

In conclusion, we would like to say that Russia has a sincere interest in regional peace and stability. Therefore, we will continue to provide assistance to Pakistan to strengthen its counterterrorism capability.


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