29 November 201915:46

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the developments in Yemen


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We have taken note of some encouraging shifts in the context of the ongoing conflict in the Republic of Yemen.

It was announced on November 26 that the Saudi-led coalition decided to release 200 Houthi fighters who had been taken prisoner and to ease restrictions on WHO aircraft flying to Sanaa to evacuate wounded and gravely ill people for medical treatment abroad.

A similar step was taken in late September by the Houthi movement, officially called Ansar Allah, which released 350 people who had fought on the side of the groups loyal to Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, including three Saudi servicemen.

Moscow welcomes such gestures of goodwill by the warring Yemeni sides. We believe that they help to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and are creating the necessary atmosphere for building trust and facilitating the transition to a political and diplomatic settlement.

We are pleased to state that the intensity of hostilities and air raids on the Houthi-controlled positions has decreased, and that the Ansar Alla has suspended drone attacks on Saudi territory. Despite individual outbreaks of violence, the sides are largely adhering to the ceasefire conditions in the Hudaydah Governorate on the Red Sea coast. Thanks to an arrangement regarding the use of customs duties collected in the port of Hudaydah to pay the salaries of public employees, commercial vessels are again entering the port and unloading their cargo.

We urge the parties to the Yemeni conflict to do everything in their power to keep up this positive change so as to be able to stop the hostilities altogether and to launch a UN-led process of peaceful settlement based on the regard for the interests of all the main political forces as well as religious and regional groups in Yemen. We are still convinced that these developments will not only benefit friendly Yemen but will also help to ensure security of all the neighbouring countries.

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