29 January 201817:00

Comment by the Information and Press Department on armed clashes in southern Yemen


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According to incoming information, on January 28 the city of Aden, the main city in southern Yemen controlled by the legitimate government of the Republic of Yemen, witnessed armed clashes between Presidential Guard units and supporters of the so-called Transitional Council which stands for broad autonomy for the southern part of Yemen up to and including the creation of a separate state there. Media report about 20 killed on the both sides and several dozens wounded.

Moscow is concerned about such developments, which might cause a new round of armed conflict in Yemen and widen the circle of those participating in it. Moscow believes that the future of the Republic of Yemen, including its territory and form of government, should be decided not through the use of force, but at the negotiating table after the military-political conflict is ended, with mutual respect for the interests and concerns of all leading political forces in the country. Russia will continue to facilitate this process.

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