3 July 202017:29

Press release on Russian assistance to Central American countries to combat the spread of the coronavirus infection


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On July 2, an Azur Air aircraft, sent to evacuate Russian nationals from Caracas, Quito, San Jose and other cities, delivered a substantial batch of Russian humanitarian aid to the Central American region to fight the coronavirus infection.

Russia has allocated to the region 320 test-system kits to diagnose COVID-19, which allow for running 32,000 tests, following appeals from Vice President of Nicaragua Rosario Murillo, Secretary General of the Central American Integration System (SICA) Vinicio Cerezo and President of the Central American Parliament (PARLECEN) Nadia de Leon Torres, as well as a request from the Costa Rican government.

The same aircraft delivered 37,000 pieces of PPE for Nicaragua provided by the St Petersburg Research Institute for Vaccines and Sera, and the Bacterial Inoculant Enterprise of the Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency, which is successfully carrying out an innovative project in Managua on transferring Russian technologies for producing immunobiological  preparations abroad, based at Mechnikov, a joint Russian-Nicaraguan biotechnology enterprise.






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