13 December 201915:37

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement for the media following talks with Foreign Minister of the Republic of Nicaragua Denis Moncada Colindres, Moscow, December 13, 2019


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Ladies and gentlemen,

We had quite substantive talks with Foreign Minister of the Republic of Nicaragua Denis Moncada Colindres, which were timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries, which were established on December 12, 1944.

Our countries have accumulated much experience in cooperation based on trust, solidarity, mutual understanding and warm feelings between our nations. Russia firmly believes that the Nicaraguan people must decide their future for themselves. We stand firm against any attempt to impose a development blueprint that is at odds with the country’s choice, in Nicaragua or any other country for that matter.

Today, we expressed a mutual willingness to further build our bilateral strategic partnership. We discussed ways to improve the political dialogue and legal framework.

We confirmed our interest in promoting trade and implementing promising investment projects. To do this, we agreed to continue to energetically use the potential of the Intergovernmental Russian-Nicaraguan Commission for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, which held a meeting in April and made some important decisions. Today, we reviewed the progress of following through on these decisions.

We noted the importance of the Mechnikov joint venture which became operational in April. It supplies much-needed medicines and vaccines to Nicaragua and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Russian GLONASS ground station has been operating in Nicaragua for three years now. Other Roscosmos-sponsored projects are being discussed as well. Contacts have been established with an eye towards developing Rosatom-sponsored projects. Long range proposals for the peaceful use of nuclear energy were offered to our Nicaraguan friends.

I would also like to note that we emphasised the importance of our trade and economic cooperation which includes supplying Russian grain and vehicle equipment. Russian companies assist Nicaragua in renovating its infrastructure. Our friends have ambitious plans. We discussed this in detail today.

We positively evaluated the implementation of a number of other initiatives. A Training Centre (branch) of the Interior Ministry’s Siberian Law Institute operates in Nicaragua and provides training to law enforcement officers from Central America and the Caribbean. A Russian Centre sponsored by the Russkiy Mir Foundation opened at the National Autonomous University of Managua (NAUN, Nicaragua).

Another landmark event is the practical implementation of the Programme for Assistance to Nicaragua in developing its national emergency prevention and response system, which nearing completion. A Crisis Management Centre outfitted with the latest equipment opened in Managua in August. The Nicaraguan specialists who will work in this centre have completed training.

We welcomed the current level of foreign policy coordination. We noted the similarity of our positions on key issues, including strengthening the legal foundations of international relations based on the UN Charter, collective opposition to modern challenges and threats, the intolerance of violent actions in any form, and outside interference in the affairs of sovereign states. We agreed to continue interaction between our respective foreign ministries based on the letter of intent, in effect since May 2018, on consultation interaction between the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry at international multilateral platforms through permanent missions and delegations.

Of course, we talked about the problems in the region. Our friends reiterated their willingness to help promote the dialogue between Russia and integration groups in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Central American Integration System (CAIS), which Nicaragua will chair in the second half of 2020.

Otherwise, regarding the current situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, we noted complex and sometimes very diverse political and socioeconomic processes. We share the opinion that the attempts being made in this region by the world to repeat the scenario of the infamous colour revolutions are fraught with the dangerous growth of regional tensions and, of course, do not meet the interests of strengthening the position of Latin America as a single centre in the emerging multipolar world.

Our approaches to pressing bilateral, international and regional issues are included in the Joint Statement we signed today.

I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the talks. We will maintain a dialogue. Taking this opportunity, I would like to invite our distinguished colleagues to the Zaryadye Park Media Centre today for the opening ceremony of an exhibit of photo documents and materials that tell the story of our relations. Please come, you won’t regret it!

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