31 January 201520:52

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the abortive coup in Macedonia


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On January 31, Macedonian law enforcement agencies reported that an attempted coup had been prevented. According to top national officials, the abortive coup was directly organised by the leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, the largest opposition party, as well as foreign secret services.

We hope that a thorough investigation of the incident is conducted in order to ensure stability and security in Macedonia. We are calling on all political forces of this country to act in line with constitutional democratic institutions and address existing problems through dialogue. The destabilisation of the situation in friendly Macedonia might dangerously escalate persisting inter-ethnic frictions there.

This incident reaffirms the topical nature of the Russian proposal to adopt an OSCE document on the impermissibility of unconstitutional coups.

January 31, 2015

Diplomatic and consular missions of Russia

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