5 June 201718:25

Comment by the Information and Press Department on provocative accusations of Russian interference in the internal affairs of Macedonia


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We took note of an article on Russia’s alleged interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, which was published by the website of the Centre on Studies of Organised Crime and Corruption. This is yet another awkward attempt to shift responsibility for the deep crisis in Macedonia. Moscow is groundlessly accused of funding Macedonian media to spread disinformation that works in Russia’s interests. The centre’s main sponsors are US Government agencies and George Soros’s fund, which have openly participated in orchestrating events in Macedonian politics and are now hurtling accusations at Russia, which from the beginning has consistently objected to imposing any and all destructive scenarios on Skopje from outside the country.

Needless to say, the centre does not mention the real cause of the serious aggravation of the situation in Macedonia – the unceremonious pressure from Brussels and Washington on Macedonia’s legitimate leaders with a view to forcing through decisions that do not meet the national interests of that country, and the West’s refusal to denounce the infamous Tirana Platform, which is a manifestation of the Greater Albania ideology. Obviously, the Albanian flag displayed by the parliament Speaker in his official office is the best evidence of foreign interference. Nobody has hoisted a Russian or Serbian flag there.

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