2 February 201712:50

Comment by the Information and Press Department on developments in the Republic of Macedonia


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We note a serious aggravation of the political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia. It is obvious that the contrived early parliamentary elections, which were held on December 11, 2016, have not helped stabilise the situation. It appears that the political forces in Macedonia are being subjected to crude foreign influence under pseudo-democratic slogans. The obvious goal of these activities is to get rid of Macedonian politicians who do not suit the West and to reshape the government contrary to the public vote in favour of the For a Better Macedonia coalition led by Nikola Gruevski and the Democratic Union for Integration led by Ali Ahmeti.

It is especially alarming that politicians representing one ethnic community have the power to decide, based on ultimatums prompted by external forces, what blocks representing other ethnic communities will be included in the future ruling coalition in a multi-ethnic and multi-faith country. The shameless Machiavellian manipulation of the voters’ will could cause the situation in Macedonia to explode and disrupt a fragile stability in the Balkans as a whole.

We are convinced that only full renunciation of the flawed practice of foreign management, reliance on truly democratic principles and the right of the Balkan nations themselves to deal with their internal problems can strengthen trust between the regional peoples and develop an atmosphere of security and cooperation in the region.


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