21 August 201820:30

Comment by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov on the US decision to impose new anti-Russia sanctions


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It has become a bad habit to constantly address the issue of  Washington's introduction of sanctions against Russia under contrived pretexts.

This time the Americans have chosen the pretext of our alleged violations of US restrictions on oil product deliveries to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, as well as the notorious “cyber violations.”

Two Russian shipping companies and six vessels that belong to them have been “punished” under the former, while one Russian legal entity and two Russian nationals are accused of attempting to evade US “anti-hacker” measures.

As always, there is no evidence or justification, only malicious insinuation. They seem to think the worse the better. What improvement of Russia-US relations is Washington talking about? The United States is seeking to steamroller its anti-North Korean policy through the relevant UNSC committee and insisting on expanding its sanction lists. This is not going to happen.  

We counter the Americans' hard-headed, close-minded and aggressive approach to solving bilateral and international issues with calm and consistent work on a constructive agenda. We will continue to respond to sanctions in a way that doesn't harm our own interests.


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