13 November 201916:16

False story about Nord Stream 2 pipeline published by Estonia’s Postimees

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On October 25, the leading Estonian newspaper Postimees published an article alleging that Europe and Russia would pay a high price for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. The item concerns a report on the influence of Gazprom’s project on Europe, which was presented in Strasbourg and called on the European political and economic elites to “rethink the deal.”

It is notable that there are no respected professionals among the report’s compilers. While calling on Europe to rethink Nord Stream 2, these “researchers” only repeat the hackneyed propaganda slogans about the project being a threat to European energy security, Russia’s geopolitical instrument and a source of Baltic Sea pollution. It claims, without providing any evidence, that thousands of Russian inmates are being forced to construct the pipeline for fear of being tortured or sexually abused. The deliberations about the need to take a broader look at LNG supplies to Europe so as to reduce the influence of Gazprom and the Kremlin are reminiscent of the well-known arguments of Washington, which has been doing its utmost to prevent the appearance of a real rival to US LNG on the European market.

We would like to point out once again that Nord Stream 2 is economically beneficial to both Russia and the European consumers. Its main goal is to strengthen energy cooperation between Russia and European countries. Pumping out information hysteria and politicising this project are absolutely unacceptable. We believe that despite the attempts to discredit it, Nord Stream 2 will be completed and put into operation without fail.

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