11 October 201915:38

Comment by the Information and Press Department on Estonia’s entry ban on members of the public organisation Young Guard of United Russia


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It has been reported that Anastasia Koveza, a member of the public organisation the Young Guard of Untied Russia, has been added to the Estonian list of persons who are not allowed to enter the country for 10 years. According to the Estonian Interior Ministry website, similar restrictions have been imposed on Anastasia’s three colleagues at the movement.

We see the denial of entry to the Schengen zone for active members of a Russian NGO as yet another unfriendly act of “visa arbitrariness,” which the Estonian authorities often use against “unsuitable” members of civil society, as well as historians and journalists from Russia.

We call on the relevant human rights bodies of the UN, the OSCE and the Council of Europe to pay more attention to such incidents. For our part, we will not leave these actions by the Estonian authorities without a response.

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