3 December 201909:40

Anti-Russia fake news in Danish media

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On November 12, 2019, Politiken, a Danish newspaper, published an article titled “Fabricated letter by a minister designed to sow division between Denmark and the US central to misinformation campaign.” The expert cited by the article’s authors alleges that Russia was involved in fabricating a letter by Ane Lone Bagger, Minister of Education, Culture, Church and Foreign Affairs of Greenland, to US Senator Tom Cotton asking him to provide more financial support for holding a referendum on Greenland’s independence.

Publications of this kind are irresponsible and groundless fraud that intentionally distorts Russia’s actual policy in the Arctic.

The Russian Federation controls the largest Arctic zone, and has invariably regarded the Arctic as a territory of peace, constructive cooperation and neighbourly relations. Our country has been consistent in its efforts to promote a positive and unifying agenda, and stands for more international cooperation in the region, keeping these relations politics-free and focused on achieving tangible results.

Russia is interested in working closely with its partners within the framework of international law, with respect and due regard for each other’s interests. Russia has never interfered and is not interfering in relationships between Arctic states.

We believe that a prominent publication like Politiken should not tarnish its image by publishing provocative misinformation of this kind thus playing into the hands of those seeking to undermine stability and trust in the Arctic region.

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