14 September 202112:12

Anti-Russia campaign in the German media

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The Western propaganda machine persists in its efforts to stir up anti-Russia sentiments by injecting more and more would be sensations and outright fakes into the information space. This includes reports on election meddling in a number of countries, myths about “Russian hackers,” reports claiming that Russian COVID-19 vaccines are unreliable, etc. This list has been recently supplemented by accusations that Russia is behind some kind of “acoustic microwave attacks” against employees of US diplomatic missions in certain countries, the so-called Havana syndrome.[1] Media outlets specialising in conspiracy theories and other biased journalists in the United States, Canada and elsewhere eagerly picked up this topic and unleashed an information campaign against our country.

After the United States and Canada, Der Spiegel started reporting on the Havana syndrome, and published two almost identical articles in just four days, probably to make sure that this malicious subject lingered in the German media space: “Possible acoustic weapon attack against US embassy employees in Berlin” and “Rays from an ambush.”

Both articles refer to the ongoing investigation in the United States about several employees of the US embassy in Berlin suffering from an unexplained illness. They have been experiencing nausea, severe headaches, hearing problems, insomnia, choric fatigue and impaired productivity, and had to ask for medical help. This, according to the authors of the article, suggests that the Havana syndrome has caused these symptoms. Why bother going into too much detail on the headaches and nausea experienced by US diplomats, if there is a ready culprit at hand – Russia?

Der Spiegel journalists, assisted by the infamous falsifiers from Bellingcat, have cast Russia as carrying out some kind of undercover programme designed to impair targeted subscribers remotely using dangerous waves (ultrasound, micro and radio waves) through mobile devices. These “targeted subscribers” were, of course, the US embassy employees in Germany. Most interestingly, they are in charge of working with Russia, including on natural gas projects and cyber security.

The absurdity of these allegations did nothing to dissuade the authors from publishing these articles. They are trying to impose unthinkable interpretations on their readers, claiming that the Russian secret services have somehow delivered the equipment to Germany, a NATO country, in order to expose American diplomats to various waves. However, the authors of this quasi-investigation have not answered the question of why this is happening. There is no evidence to suggest that Russia is somehow responsible for these incidents. They also omit the fact that Russia has never faced any formal accusations in this regard. Having peppered their articles with some data from 6th grade physics, the authors stayed true to the “highly likely” tradition and expected readers to take their word for granted.

There is absolutely no doubt that this is yet another link in the chain of coordinated efforts by the Western media community, acting in the interests of US authorities, to create a negative backdrop around Russia and further undermine Russia-Germany relations.

As for us, we would like to once again draw your attention to the August 5, 2021 statement by the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, which answers all the questions related to the so-called Havana syndrome that US diplomats have been experiencing.

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