12 December 201917:09

Comment by the Information and Press Department on reports on certain economic operators’ activities in the Central African Republic


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As the Political Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in the Central African Republic, signed on February 6, is being implemented, the CAR government is gradually expanding control over the territories formerly ruled by numerous armed groups. The general stabilisation in the country and the strengthening of the local government are having a positive effect on the development of the mining industry, which is important for the Central African Republic.

We have noted reports that certain economic operators are allegedly extracting mineral resources in areas still controlled by militants, thereby supporting their anti-government activities. In particular, the Central African company Lobaye Invest, funded by Russian private capital, is occasionally mentioned in these reports.

In this context, we feel compelled to note that such information is unreliable and therefore can be classified as planted for political purposes or considered an act of unfair competition. According to information from the Russian Embassy in the Central African Republic, supported by official correspondence from the country’s government, the licenses issued to Lobaye Invest by the Central African authorities apply exclusively to territories under well-established Bangui control. This provides an acceptable level of security. Even so, the company has not yet begun mineral mining there. In any case, Lobaye Invest will perform its mining activities in strict accordance with the laws of the Central African Republic and the Kimberley Process Rules of Procedure for the benefit of the people of that country.

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