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17 May 201815:27

Comment by the Information and Press Department on act of vandalism on World War II Memorial in Shymkent

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A memorial to 113 workers of a local lead factory killed during the Great Patriotic War has been destroyed in Shymkent in southern Kazakhstan, Kazakhstani media report. The families and veterans of the plant who came to honour their memory on Victory Day found broken plates with the soldiers’ names and a desecrated Eternal Flame.

As soon as this was discovered, the Russian Embassy in Astana sent a note to the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting a thorough investigation of the incident to identify and punish the perpetrators. Russia’s Consulate General in Almaty, which is responsible for the area in question, has been instructed to maintain close contact with the local authorities in the investigation of this incident.

The Kazakhstani law enforcement agencies are conducting a pre-trial investigation, while the media and public activists joined them in uncovering the details of the incident.

We strongly condemn this criminal attempt to cast a shadow on Russia and Kazakhstan’s common memory of their joint fight against Nazism, something that will forever remain in our hearts, as President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev pointed out in his congratulatory message to President Vladimir Putin on May 9.

We expect the authorities of Kazakhstan to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.





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