Comments and statements by Foreign Ministry Spokesman

26 March 201813:30

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding missiles launched at Saudi cities from the territory of Yemen

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On March 25, missiles were launched from the territory in Yemen that is controlled by Ansar Allah (the Houthis) at the Saudi capital of Riyadh and several cities in the south and southwest of Saudi Arabia. In all, seven missiles have been intercepted by the Royal Saudi Air Defence. However, debris from one of the missiles killed one person and wounded two near Riyadh.

Moscow strongly condemns such indiscriminate missile attacks that can affect populated areas and civilians.

The Houthi representatives in Sana have stated that the missiles were launched on Saudi Arabia in response to the large-scale Arab coalition bombing raids on Yemen, which claimed huge numbers of lives and destroyed vital infrastructure facilities.

In this context, we confirm our principled position in favour of ending the hostilities in Yemen as soon as possible, so that the parties abandon the logic of retribution and the attempts to settle their differences militarily. The humanitarian suffering of peaceful people, in whatever country they live, must be brought to an end. We again urge the Yemeni opponents to resume talks in order to coordinate a consolidated vision of their country’s future based on a broad national dialogue, mutual respect for the interests of the main political forces, as well as on decisions taken by the international community.




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