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17 January 201815:56

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the terrorist attacks in Baghdad

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On January 15, a double terrorist attack was staged by suicide bombers on the busy Tayaran Square in Baghdad. According to incoming reports, over 30 people were killed and nearly a hundred wounded. This attack was preceded by other acts of aggression perpetrated by extremists as a result of which several law enforcement officers were killed. Nobody has claimed responsibility for these barbaric crimes so far but judging by their style, it may have been staged by ISIS, which has been defeated but not completely eradicated. We express our sincere condolences to the families of the dead and wish early recovery to the wounded.

Moscow strongly denounces these attacks by militants on the long-suffering nation of Iraq, which demonstrate the inhuman character of the violent radicals. Their acts are aimed at undermining efforts to reach national accord and come at a pivotal moment for the country, which is a source of particular concern.

We reaffirm our solidarity with the leaders and people of the friendly Iraq in the face of persisting challenges and threats. At the same time, we emphasise the importance of a continued resolute and uncompromising struggle against terrorists, regardless of the slogans they use.





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