Comments and statements by Foreign Ministry Spokesman

10 November 201718:45

Comment by the Information and Press Department on US airstrikes in Kunduz Province in Afghanistan resulting in civilian deaths

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On November 3, the US Air Force bombed several towns and villages in the Chahar Dara District, Kunduz Province in the north of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, killing at least 10 civilians and wounding over 20.

Although experts from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan have officially confirmed the fact, Afghan national security officials and US and NATO Commands in Afghanistan deny civilian loss of life.

We express our sincere condolences to the victims’ families and wish a speedy recovery to all those wounded in the incident.

We resolutely urge the Afghan authorities and international human rights organisations to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation of the incident in the Chahar Dara District, to bring the perpetrators to justice and to take effective measures to prevent such incidents from recurring.




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