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5 October 201716:08

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the desecration of a monument to Soviet soldiers in Strzegom (Poland)

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We are outraged at yet another instance of vandalism against a memorial to Soviet soldiers-liberators in Poland.

In the town of Strzegom (Lower Silesian Voivodeship), vandals attached a tablet with an insulting inscription to the monument to Red Army servicemen killed in battles for the town's liberation from Nazis. The inscription's content mentioning “Soviet occupants,” “the extermination of the Polish people” and other such things echoes the pseudo-historical directives that have been strenuously imposed by Warsaw officials. An idea of the allegedly equal responsibility of Hitler's aggressors and the USSR for unleashing World War II, diligently propagated by the Polish authorities, not just grossly distorts the facts but it also encourages the vandals, who cover their ignorance by home-bred “patriotism.”  

We strongly object to the ongoing offensive in Poland on our military-memorial heritage. We demand that order be restored in this sphere in compliance with the international legal obligations to Russia, and in this particular case – returning the monument in Strzegom to its proper state, finding the perpetrators and bringing them to account.   




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