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12 September 201710:24

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the adoption of a new Law on Education in Ukraine

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We have taken note that the other day the Verkhovna Rada adopted a new law On Education, which stipulates stiff restrictions on the use of minority languages and envisages a transition to schooling only using the Ukrainian language by 2020. Although Russian is not mentioned in the law, it is obvious that the main goal of the current Ukrainian lawmakers is to trample the interests of millions of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine and to enforce a mono-ethnic language regime in the multi-ethnic state.

We view this as an attempt by the Kiev authorities, which came to power via a Maidan revolt, to bring about a complete Ukrainisation of the country’s education system in direct violation of the Ukrainian Constitution and Kiev’s international commitments in the sphere of culture.

Moscow is not alone in this interpretation of the latest Ukrainian action. The foreign ministries of Hungary, Poland and Romania, as well as the President of Moldova, have sharply criticised the above-mentioned Ukrainian law.

Russia believes in the importance of collective efforts, including those taken at international organisations, against the policy of the Ukrainian authorities who are trampling over the universal standards of human rights.

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