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12 May 202012:11

Extract from the briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, May 8, 2020

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Coronavirus update


The spread of the novel coronavirus infection remains a difficult challenge. While the number of cases is still growing (and approaching four million), there is a positive trend in recoveries (1.3 million) and deaths. The US still has the highest number of cases (over 1.3 million). The spread of the coronavirus in Central and South America as well as in Africa is alarming.

At the same time, glimmers of real breakthroughs can be observed in some European countries which were only just recently in the grips of rapidly growing pandemics, thanks to quarantines and other restrictive measures. Some countries – not only in Europe, but also in Latin America and Asia – have already begun lifting public health restrictions and are taking step to end the quarantine.

We have always supported the WHO’s coordinating role in countering the pandemic and share its opinion that, despite the socioeconomic impact of restrictions imposed around the world, the hurry to lift them may result in new losses.

Measures are still being taken to return Russians from various regions of the world. The schedule of flights is coordinated based on developments in specific countries and Russian regions’ ability to receive passengers while enforcing public health codes.

Aid is being provided under Russian Government Resolution 433 dated April 3, 2020 (on providing social support (aid) to Russians in foreign countries who cannot return to the Russian Federation due to the spread of the coronavirus infection). A total of one billion roubles has been allocated for this. Payments have been made to almost 15,000 people. At the same time, we can see that there are occasional problems with payments. We have listed the reasons: mistakes when filling out and submitting or resubmitting forms on the government services website, so that it took longer to examine the applications. Another problem is technological, related to monetary transactions among other things. There are other problems as well, which we hope to fix quickly; we are focusing on them.

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