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20 March 202016:00

Extension of temporary stay of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation

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In order to ensure the rights and freedoms of individuals, and taking into account the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, foreign nationals will be able to extend their temporary stay in the Russian Federation starting March 19, 2020.

In order to do so, they need to submit an application (no specific form required) to a local office of the Russian Interior Ministry that is closest to their actual place of residence.

Russian visas will be extended regardless of the purpose of the individual’s entry to Russia. If the visa has already expired, the temporary stay will be extended.

Those who did not need to have a visa to enter Russia are entitled to an extended stay in the Russian Federation, including when the period of stay has expired.

The acceptance of applications requesting permits to hire and involve foreign workers and work permits for foreign nationals staying in the Russian Federation has been resumed.

In addition, labour migrants can request new patents as work permits without leaving the Russian Federation and without being administratively liable for violating the application deadline.

Foreign nationals living in Russia in accordance with a temporary residence permit or residence card will be able to extend their stay if the document has expired.

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