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20 March 202016:23

Attention Russian nationals abroad

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All Russian nationals in a difficult situation should contact the nearest Russian embassy or consulate general as soon as possible and provide information about themselves and their situation, including their location and other necessary data. This can be done by calling emergency phone numbers or via the Russian foreign missions’ social networks pages.

In addition, you can contact the Crisis Management Centre (Department) 24/7 by calling +7 (495) 587 88 60, +7 (499) 244 19 77, +7 (499) 244 19 88, +7 (499) 244 28 47, or via WhatsApp at +7 985 046 52 97.

You can also leave messages on the Ministry’s pages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and VKontakte).

If you have an opportunity to travel to Russia, we strongly recommend that you take it, regardless of the type of transport and transfers.

По вопросам содействия в возвращении на Родину росграждан, вынужденно оказавшихся за рубежом в связи с пандемией коронавирусной инфекции, и оказания им социальной поддержки:

+7 (495) 587-88-60 – круглосуточно