7 August 202019:22

Comment by Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Alexey Zaytsev on the Pentagon’s statement to send more US troops to Poland


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We would like to comment on the Pentagon-announced intention to deploy more units in Poland and the Baltic area.

A higher concentration of the US Armed Forces’ attack units on the so-called Russia-NATO contact line, just like any reconfiguration of the US military presence closer to the Russian border, will not enhance security in Europe, no matter how hard Washington may try to prove the opposite. On the contrary, such actions escalate tensions in Europe. We have emphasised more than once that attempts to deter us by force and intimidate our country will receive a befitting and timely response.    

The striving of some countries to ensure their own security at the expense of Russia is an absolutely unproductive approach. Reliance on such a policy will merely complicate the already difficult military-political situation and will make it more difficult to develop our dialogue with NATO.

We believe the plans to build up the US military presence in Poland deal a serious blow at one of the key provisions of the 1997 Russia-NATO Founding Act, in accordance with which the alliance gave up on the additional permanent deployment of substantial combat forces on the territories of NATO member states.

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