6 March 201418:50

Comment by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Alexander Lukashevich, regarding the “statements of facts” by the U.S. Department of State about the situation in Ukraine


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The statement posted on the website of the U.S. Department of State containing a "refutation" of the facts provided by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, during his press conference on the 4 March about the situation in Ukraine strikes not merely because of its primitive distortion of reality, but more its cynicism and uncovered "double standards".

The Department of State makes an attempt to play on a ruthlessly unilateral interpretation of events, as if there were notlots of evidence of the atrocities by radical nationalists, including reprisals against the undesirable in front of TV cameras or provocative murders by snipers, which are also confirmed by "independent sources". Of course, Washington cannot admit that they made up the "maidan", promoted the overthrowing of legitimate authorities using violence, clearing the path for those who are now pretending to be legitimate authorities in Kiev.

We will not sink to polemics with low standard propaganda. We will only say this: we face unacceptable arrogance and pretence to represent the truth in its last instance again. The United States have no and cannot have any moral right to moral preaching with regard to observation of international laws and respect for the sovereignty of other countries. What about the bombings of the former Yugoslavia or the intrusion into Iraq using a falsified cause?

If we look at a more distant history, we can find many examples of military interventions by the United States inplaces, which were located far away from their national borders, when there was no real threat to the security of the United States. The Vietnam War took the lives of two million of the local population, without mentioning the totally destroyed country and poisoned environment. Under the pretext of protecting their nationals, who were in areas of conflict, the United States intruded into Lebanon in 1958, into the Dominican Republic – in 1965, attacked tiny Grenada in 1983, bombed Libya in 1986, and occupied Panama three years later. Nevertheless they dare to rebuke Russia for "armed aggression", when it intervenes on behalf of its compatriots, who make up the majority of the Crimean population, not to let ultranationalist forces organise another bloody "maidan".

It is evident that Washington is still not able to adequately perceive the development of events, if they go against American templates. They cannot overcome themselves, accept that it is not possible to always dictate their own will everywhere and play their usual role of an "infallible judge", who has the last word. They freak out, yet it is not a good cause for unfair shifting of the blame.

6 March 2014

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