22 November 202113:24

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s opening remarks during talks with Foreign Minister of Lebanon Abdullah Bou Habib, Moscow, November 22, 2021


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Mr Minister, friends, welcome to Moscow.

I would like to congratulate you on Independence Day, which is celebrated today. Russia was among the first countries to recognise the independence of the Lebanese Republic and establish diplomatic relations with the country.

Another important date coincides with your visit. You turned 80 yesterday. Happy birthday!

We have longstanding friendly relations with Lebanon and the Lebanese people. We look forward to hearing an update from you on what is happening in the country. We support the efforts to normalise the situation, which has for a long time been bordering on crisis, and we also support the new government’s actions. Forming the government was in itself an important step towards achieving stabilisation.

Today, we will have a detailed discussion on bilateral relations, which we are interested in steadily expanding. I am confident that the positive results which we are anticipating will be achieved and that they will contribute to improving the situation in Lebanon.

Regional matters and the international situation have always been part of our agenda. We will appreciate hearing your assessments of the situation in the region and your thoughts about what the international community can do in order to resolve its numerous problems.

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