10 October 202123:57

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the statement by Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama


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We find Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama’s statement about Albania’s unification with Kosovo completely unacceptable. Promoting plans to create a “Greater Albania” runs starkly counter to UNSC Resolution 1244 and undermines stability in the region.

It is particularly strange to hear a leader of a Balkan country declare breaching a document that is the foundation of the Kosovo settlement to be a key goal of his political career. This kind of inept planted statement does not fit into the context of Belgrade and Tirana’s joint efforts to create a common market under the Open Balkan regional initiative pursued in cooperation with Skopje.

We hope to see an adequate response from the Western curators of the Kosovo “statehood” project to this brazen provocation. We are extremely surprised that they are letting this kind of disruptive calls to action slide while attacking Belgrade for its justified Serbian World humanitarian concept that does not run counter to international law.


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