15 May 202113:24

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on new information regarding explosions at the Czech arms depots in Vrbetice


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We have taken note of the item published in the Czech newspaper Dnes on May 14 regarding the disappearance of a large number of armaments from the Vrbetice ammunition depots immediately after the explosions in 2014. The matter concerns hundreds and thousands of munitions, weapons and spare parts.

Representatives of the IMEX Group, the leaseholder of the depots which  the Czech law enforcement authorities have accused of failing to prevent “Russian GRU agents” from entering the warehouse in 2014, have filed a suit the other day over the theft of the company’s property. The IMEX Group management is convinced that such a large number of weapons could not have been fully destroyed in the explosions.

According to Dnes, the Czech General Inspectorate of Security Forces, the National Centre for Combating Organised Crime and the investigators involved in this case have all refused to comment.

It appears that the Czech authorities are not only unable to conduct an objective investigation but also cannot logically analyse the outrageous incidents taking place on the country’s territory.

There is only one undeniable fact in this story: amid total chaos, Prague has failed to find any solution other than to attempt to shift the blame for this to the notorious “external enemy,” that is, Russia.

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