16 April 202118:31

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Washington’s charges that Russia is complicit in the death of US soldiers in Afghanistan


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We noted the charges brought yet again against Russia during a briefing by the White House Press Secretary alleging that Russia had paid remuneration to the Taliban for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan. These charges are based on information that they say has a low to moderate degree of credibility.

We demand that Washington provide the concrete facts that it used to make such groundless statements. Once again, we declare that the charges brought against us are nothing more than the guesswork or the phobias of members of the American intelligence service.

Meanwhile, there are persistent reports that the US is itself giving support to terrorist groups, including ISIS, in Afghanistan, and that Washington plans to build up the presence of its intelligence service in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as it withdraws its troops from that country. We are convinced that these circumstances are giving rise to serious concern not only in Russia but in other countries of the region as well. We are looking forward to receiving explanations from the American side.


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