1 December 202020:17

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the Arria-formula meeting of the UN Security Council members, held via videoconference, on unilateral coercive measures


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We highly praise the results of the Arria-formula meeting of the UN Security Council members held via videoconference on November 25 and focused on unilateral coercive measures. Most of the participants were concerned that unilateral restrictions that run counter to the principles of international law and the UN Charter are damaging international mechanisms for cooperation, have a detrimental effect on the economic situation, undermine the right of states to sustainable development, and hinder provision of humanitarian aid.

Representatives of the states that are partial to such measures as a means of achieving their own geopolitical goals were unable to make a case for the “targeted” nature of their sanctions and the efficiency of the “humanitarian exemptions.” The developing countries, especially the ones experiencing armed conflicts, are well aware of the fact that sanctions are detrimental to all sectors of the national economy. The entire population is affected by them. Their effect is taking on the proportions of a disaster amid the coronavirus pandemic.

We consider it important that the UN is hosting increasingly heated debates on this matter, and many constructive initiatives are being put forward that are bringing in large numbers of like-minded people.

We note in this regard the importance of the UN Special Rapporteur’s mandate on the negative impact that the unilateral coercive measures have on human rights. Idriss Jazairy did a lot on this account during his term in office. Yelena Dovgan took it from there with great success. Their findings brutally show the actual consequences of unilateral sanctions for ordinary people.

Russia has consistently advocated the exclusion of the practice of unilateral coercive measures not based on international law, including the ones introduced in addition to the measures adopted by the UN Security Council. We are persistently promoting this vision in our contacts with our foreign partners and the UN Secretariat. We have this matter as a priority of ours in the UN and bring to everyone’s attention, again, President Putin’s initiative to create, for the duration of the pandemic, green corridors that are free from trade wars and sanctions for mutual supply of medications, food, equipment and technology. We call on the stakeholder countries and the UN agencies to create proper conditions for its joint implementation.


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