30 November 202013:22

Comment by the Information and Press Department on France’s endorsement of Kiev’s non-compliance with the decisions of the Paris summit in the Normandy format


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Regrettably, we must again note Kiev’s failure to act on its political commitments stated in the Package of Measures and agreements reached in the Normandy format. However, this time what surprised us even more than Ukraine’s irresponsible behaviour, which everyone has become used to, was its endorsement by Paris.

Commenting on a statement by a member of the Ukrainian delegation in the Contact Group the other day, who said the law on the special status of Donbass will be again extended without the Steinmeier formula, the French Foreign Ministry justified this by the allegedly drawn-out discussions in the Contact Group.

The Steinmeier formula determines a compromise-based procedure for the entry into force of the law on the special status of Donbass on a temporary basis on the day of the local elections and on a permanent basis after the voting results are approved by the OSCE ODIHR. This compromise was a concession on the part of Donbass, which is ready to return to Ukraine only if it is granted the special status. In December 2019, the Normandy summit in Paris instructed Kiev to incorporate the Steinmeier formula into Ukrainian law.

To implement this decision all that is needed is for the Ukrainian MPs to adopt the law. Nobody else can introduce amendments to Ukrainian legislation. However, the Verkhovna Rada has not even bothered to start this work.

We urge our French partners in the Normandy format to adopt a more responsible approach to their role of co-mediator, which implies their unbiased attitude towards Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk. To fulfil this role France must encourage them to fully abide by the Package of Measures and the Normandy format decisions.

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